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"Street Life" exhibition in Photopolis Agrinio Photo Festival
juan rodrí­guez morales
Oct 23, 2023

“Street Life”15 selected photos of the respective competition.

All photos will participate in the exhibition “Street Life” at the Festival from 27 October to 8 November 2023 and will be included in the photo album published by the Festival.

The three Winners will be awarded on the opening day (27 October 2023), the prizes announced HERE!

The jury consisted of:  Panos Charalambidis & Mary Hairetaki, Leonidas Frangoulis, Rea Papadopoulou, Photini Papachatzi and  Spyros Staveris.

Participants: Vassi Lamprini (Greece), Janusz Jurek (Poland), Juan Rodríguez Morales (Spain), Achileas Petrovas (Greece), LIna Kalandaridou (Greece), Foivos Stampoliadis (Greece), Katarzyna Pracuch (Poland), Anastasiia Antonenko (Ukraine), Vassilis Zaverdas (Greece), Showrav Chowdhury (Μπαγκλαντες), Pavlos Antonatos (Greece), Mary Tsouloufa (Greece), Julien Drogoul (France), Catherine Vassiliki Meri (Greece), Christos Provias (Greece).

Curation: Panos Kaltsas
Location: Old Municipal Market
Photopolis Festival 2022 | Photopolis Agrinio Photo Festival
Festival opening: Saturday, September 10 at 21:00
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Juan Rodrí­guez Morales

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